Mark Fabian is a championship winning Basketball Coach, Counselor and Life Coach who has years of experience motivating, inspiring and helping youth reach their full potential. He joined the PSM team and is focused on helping professional and amateur athletes better manage their careers, especially as it relates to off the field activity and personal goals.

Initially graduating from Oakland University with a major in Finance-Business, his coaching experience and mentoring of players ultimately inspired him to earn a dual master’s degree in School Counseling and Community Counseling from Siena Heights University in 2007.

In 2012, He started his own AAU basketball program the Oakland Warriors.   After winning many championships with his teams, the Detroit Pistons Organization sponsored his program that is now called Pistons Elite.  Mark also served as a guidance counselor and basketball coach at Rochester Adams High School until 2014.

As a Life Coach at PSM, Mark will combine his coaching and counseling experience to help PSM players create more balance by developing goals in all phases of their life. This dynamic approach will help athletes evolve their life skills and build a solid career path while training to become an elite athlete.

Mark’s skillset nicely compliments the services that PSM currently offers its players, including physical and mental training, sports management and health and nutrition coaching. Combined, PSM’s holistic approach to guiding and preparing their players ultimately helps set players up for success in both sports and life.