We will serve the needs of others before our own. That means making decisions collectively and listening with respect. We will get comfortable being uncomfortable because complacency does not lead to greatness. We will be creative and open minded and make communication and accountability priorities.

We will be fearless, but smart. We will collectively maximize each other’s strengths by being bigger than ourselves because the difference between success and failure comes from having the best team.

Honesty and integrity will be our benchmarks. That means admitting when we are wrong. It means relentlessly pursuing greatness but never at the expense of others or by bending the rules. We will develop deeper, more holistic relationships with not just our clients, but with God, our families, and our communities. Because what happens inside the office needs to be a reflection of what happens outside the office. We will be selective in who we work with and not pursue growth just for the sake of being big. We will recruit and keep only the right players, and have the courage to turn down talent who isn’t a good fit. We will preach and teach mental toughness, nutrition and healthy lifestyles to help athletes reach their full potential.

Family and faith will come before business. That means having our priorities in order. It means dedicating time to our communities, and making a difference in the lives of others. It means always, always focusing on people, not things.

“What I think makes PSM great is that they really make you feel like your apart of a family. If you get to know each and every one of the clients in the PSM family, you’ll notice that we are not only good athletes, but good people! That alone should tell you what type of people they strive to get. And if you are one of those people, they will not disappoint.”

Demetrius Sims, Miami Marlins

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